About Us

We believe that technology can help people do better networking. People expect to meet other professional people around them, but the process is not always easy and smooth. That's where OkayConnect comes in. OkayConnect helps you to make better connections and networking that will help you match up with the right people conveniently based on your skills. It helps you to connect with real time people so that you don't lose any important connections around you. Whether you are attending an event or sleeping by your home, you would never miss a single connection. It offers real time connectivity and helps to build relationships instantly.

It's not like other professional networking website where you just connect randomly with people. At OkayConnect, you can only connect with the ones you need by following these two simple steps:

1. Describe who you are
2. Describe who you want to connect with

Get notified when the right connection is around you.

This way, you can explore and connect with the right people, easily and efficiently.