Connect with Linkedin's verified professionals on Okayconnect around you in real time.

Story behind

More than 20,000 active professionals are around you every day for a minute or an hour. Don't you think, 50 of them would be your valuable connections to grow your business, skills or start-ups.

According to OC analysis, professions are losing more than 50,000 valuable active connections and 20,000 opportunities every year by using traditional search approach. To make the professional's world better in terms of resources, connections, opportunities and success, we come up with OkayConnect.

It connects you with professional in real-time while you travel by bus, car, cab, train, at events, in/around the workspace and more without interacting with your smart device.‚Äč

Why Okayconnect?

Connect with all professionals

Don't miss the opportunities during the daily travel by bike, train, bus or in cab.

Promote Yourself and Business

Reach out to each and every professional at events and conferences in a second.

Don't miss a single opportunity

Connect to CEOs, Startups, Founders, VCs & Business Experts of your field.

Why Partner With OkayConnect?

Sooner we'll unlock the new features for service industries
Fall under the service industries :

Create your business presence at multiple locations and promote your business locally and internationally without investing a single $.
Email: info@okayconnect.com